Earth Hour

Earth Hour | Biggest Hour for Earth

As part of our commitment towards being stewards of our planet, the ADC Group of companies worked together to gather trash along Baybay Beach and Cadimahan River. This activity and our participation in switching off non-essential lights at 8:30pm-9:30pm on Saturday March 23rd are part of the Biggest Hour for Earth.
In support of the governments efforts, at San Antonio Resort, trash bins are provided on the resort grounds and at the beach front.
We encourage others to the same. We only have one planet. Let us take care of it.

Special Discounts for Castles Tour!

There is something special about castles and you will be able to see it with your own eyes! Old mysterious constructions won’t leave you indifferent as soon as you see them. And if you stay at our hotel, we have something very interesting to offer you – we have partnered up with several tour operators and are ready to provide you with some special discount offers.

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Explore the Architecture Beauty

Many people find shadows kind of scary, and they are a metaphor for the things that would bother you if you saw them regularly, or focused on them. Some also find the sun on their face to be rather pleasant, especially while sunbathing. But mostly our imagination creates scary images that are based on our bad days.

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